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About Us

Sativa Cosmeceutical Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 2014 as a cosmetics manufacturing company. The company came into existence through the committed hard work and dedication of its pioneers to become what is now recognized as one of the most popular Green Group.

The core focus of our operation is to provide our customers with effective and high quality skin care products that enhance the overall look and feel of their skin. For this, Green Farma Pakistan (Pvt) proudly keeping itself up to date with the changing customer needs and modern world quality requirements, the required investment in Research & Development makes our products the most suitable and ultimate skin care choice for our customers. This helps us in development of our product range which is of finest quality. Our products are manufactured from tested and clinically proven ingredients to meet the standards of quality in order to achieve best results for our customer all across the globe

We believe in customer satisfaction and their valued suggestions means a lot for us. That is the reason we invest and work with renowned dermatologists on identifying what best suits our customer’s need

Promises and Commitment is the hub on which our business runs!

We aim for excellence, and constantly challenge ourselves and our methods, with the growing changes in the environment. This makes us flexible and up to date with the changing trends around the globe.We place great value on honesty and clarity, because we believe that dishonestly lead to mutual loss on part of both customers and company. Our consumer advertising is based on clinically proven performance and scientifically collected data, which makes our products reliable ones.

We are committed to building strong and lasting associations with our customers and suppliers, by nurturing trust and mutually beneficial relationship.We honor and respect the laws of the countries in which we operate and adhere to good corporate governance practices. We maintain high standards in accounting and reporting. We infuse and deliver long-term, sustained shareholder value by providing a cost effective yet quality product, which lead to greater revenue generation, better taxpaying and employment opportunity generation.

  • Trust

    Means We Want To Live And Work In An Environment Where Communications Are Open – Where People Feel Free To Take Risks, To Share Their Points Of View And To Speak The Truth As They See It. Trust People To Do The Right Thing – And Help Them To Understand The Underlying Reasoning And Philosophy – And They Won’t Disappoint.

  • Respect

    Helps Us To Value Differences, To Appreciate Each Person For Her Or His Unique Qualities. Through Respect, We Help Bring Out The Full Potential Of Each Person.

  • Belief

    Is The Cornerstone Of Empowering Associates To Assume Responsibilities And Be The Very Best They Can Be. Believe In Someone – And Show It – And That Person Will Move Mountains To Prove You’re Right.

  • Humility

    Simply Means We’re Not Always Right – We Don’t Have All The Answers – And We Know It. We’re No Less Human Than The People Who Work For Us, And We’re Not Afraid To Ask For Help.

  • Integrity Should Be The Hallmark Of Every Green Farma. In Setting And Observing The Highest Ethical Standards And Doing The Right Thing, We Fulfill A Duty Of Care, Not Only To Our Representatives And Customers In The Communities We Serve, But To Our Colleagues And Ourselves.