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Sativa Whitening Lotion


Sativa Whitening Lotion

Natural ingredients like honey, almond oil, peach and extracts of Nigella Sativa are included in Sativa whitening Lotion. It removes skin dryness and skin scalp by absorbing into your skin and nourishes and safeguards your skin in winter. Sativa whitening Lotion makes your skin glowing, soft and silky by absorbing into your skin. It restores the natural moisture of your skin and makes skin soft and silky for a longer period of time. It is such a mixture which makes your face attractive and presentable. Special UV filters present in Sativa whitening Lotion protects your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Vitamin E included in Sativa whitening Lotion provides 40 times better protection to your skin than any other lotion.

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