Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Green Farma Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., one of the most competitive manufacturer, importer & distributor of health & body care articles all over the Country, has solidified its prominent position in the world with its comprehensive advantages in state-of-the-art process commodities and facilities, outstanding cash profitability, sustained cost competitiveness and highly competent professionals.

Green Farma Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., bases itself upon the production & supply of hi-tech and high value added premium products, focuses on the strategic & customized products such as health & beauty care.

Green Farma Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. forges the upstream and downstream supply chain system, sets up a marketing service network covering all over the country and radiating to foreign countries, provides perfect solutions to the upstream and downstream customers, allies with the customers to form community of fortune, rebuilds the customers’ and suppliers’ process, establishes the sales and procurement system closer to the customers and completes the consolidation and merger of the entire sales and procurement system.

It has become the watershed of rise and fall for cosmeceutical manufacturers whether they can adapt themselves to the times’ requirements for the systemic efficiency and emission reduction. Our peoples¬† have been aware of the historical mission shouldered for the efficiency and emission reduction. We are adopting measures to speed up this process. The new system of “environmental operation” under construction by Green Farma will fundamentally change the decision-making thinking and operating mode of enterprise. In respect of decision making, the challenges and opportunities under the general trend of health & beauty care commodities and emission/harmful chemicals reduction will be taken into prior consideration no matter for strategic planning, investment strategies or business combination;

in respect of operation process, on the premise of quantifying human friendly footprint, value chains will be re-consolidated for production process, products and services as well as supply chains, and utmost efforts will be made for due contribution of Green Farma people to the industrial progress through the consolidation of environmental technologies. Green Farma will build up its competitiveness in the new times of cosmeceuticals through the establishment of new system of ” Human Friendly Environmental Operation”.

Green Farma never forgets its social responsibility. It adheres to the principle of prior development of employee, community and supply chain, sticks to value creation, honest operation and environmental improvement, tries its best to be a good corporate citizen and shares the achievements of development with all the partners. We believe, with the understanding and support of all walks of life, the environment in which we develop will become better and better, and Green Farma people will surely repay the shareholders and the society with a responsible attitude and excellent performance.

New times, new concepts make life better. It is our wish, our pursuit and our mission. Green Farma is willing to join hands with all walks of life to make unremitting efforts for building a harmonious society and a beautiful world.